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Laser Implant Periodontal Specialist

Laser Implant Periodontal Specialist

Kamloops Periodontist Team Members

You DO NOT need a referral to schedule a consultation! Second opinions are also available. Dr. Desai’s only responsibility is to you: the patient!

Dr Desai has called Kamloops her home since 1996 and as a part of the Thompson Okanagan community, she has a referral base of patients traveling from Salmon Arm, Chase, Sorrento, Vernon, Merritt, Clearwater, Quesnel, 100 Mile House, Lillooet and even Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Desai and her well trained, experienced staff have the respect of the community and are committed to working together with you and your dentist & hygienist to provide excellence through state-of-the-art 21st century technology, her skills, education, compassion and professionalism.

Dr Desai is a Board Certified Specialist, Periodontist. Periodontists are trained for dental implants, tooth extractions, gum grafting & bone grafting;

and they have traditionally been the only specialty treating gum disease, bleeding gums and gum recession for the treatment of root recession. The difference is that today’s treatment is minimally invasive with the technology of lasers, leading to MUCH faster healing. She is the first periodontist in Canada since 2006 using lasers for surgery & implants. Even avoiding some surgery for patients by using the laser.

What is a Periodontist?

Profiles of Excellence

Are you looking for an experienced Board Certified Canadian Periodontist in Kamloops? Then you are at the right place.

Dr Preety Desai and her team are the MOST experienced and have the ability to care of all your simple and complex periodontal needs, including gum inflammation, bleeding, tissue infection, saving hopeless teeth and dental implants.

Get complete periodontal assistance under the care of a proficient specialist dental surgeon and long time resident in Kamloops. We can take care of the oral health and gum and implant problems for the entire family.

Our team is trained to provide compassionate and empathic dental care. The periodontal specialist is university trained to resolve all types of periodontal issues affecting the teeth, implants and gums.

Services offered by us

  • Trade marked Laser-based minimally invasive periodontal surgical procedures
  • Dental implants
  • Soft tissue regeneration and gum grafts
  • Low level laser anti-inflammatory gum care
  • Periodontal hygiene not just “scaling and root planning”
  • bone regeneration and bone grafts
  • Trade marked Laser extraction of teeth

Our expertise in these services makes us the preferred dental surgeon in Kamloops.

Why choose us?

Experience that you can count on

  • Dr Desai has made a name in performing ALL laser surgeries and implants for various periodontal problems. Her vast experience in treating problems for people across all age groups will come in handy for your case.

Pioneering treatment

  • The clinic has been offering laser procedures for implants and surgeries. She is the first periodontist in Canada who pioneered its use in 2006. The minimally invasive procedures lead to effective outcomes and much quicker recovery.

A mission towards better dental care

  • Dr Desai’s trademarked laser procedures ensure that the chance of tooth extraction goes down significantly. The use of lasers provides effective treatment and faster recovery without the loss of a tooth.

Connect with our Periodontist Dentist

Your periodontal problems will be skillfully eliminated by the experienced team led by Dr Desai. You can fill out the new patient form to get started and let us know a bit about your case.