Gum Grafts

Another cosmetic procedure where recessed teeth can be covered again by your own gum or donor gum to achieve natural esthetics. Gum grafts cover your recessed teeth, thicken the weaker tissues and teeth that are friable, and protect roots from future tooth decay.

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Gum Grafting Before:

Gum Grafting After:

Video: Laser Graft Surgery:

Bone Grafts

Historically when teeth were extracted or loss due to injury, trauma or disease, the shrinking structure of the jaw bone resulted in simply inadequate room for an implant.

Fortunately today we can add & grow bone when needed. This allows us to prevent bone loss at the time of extraction, or add more bone where needed. Sinus bone can also be added in the upper jaw regions.

Bone grafting is also done in a minimally invasive manner and thus complications are minimized with higher then optimal standards to be safe, effective & successful. The grafted bone is eventually turned over and metabolized to eventually be the foundation of a future dental implant.

Before & After bone grafting – implants are now possible instead of dentures: