Dental Implants

Dental Implants were first implemented for root replacements in the 1960’s. Implants provide a foundation for replacement tooth function just like your original teeth. This is different then bridges or partial dentures. If you have experienced tooth loss, dental implants allow you to enjoy food again, allow you to speak and smile more naturally and it looks as if you’ve never lost your teeth! Your implant teeth will be secure and appear very natural!

“Teeth in an Hour” or “Express Teeth” is an exceptional option for those people who have lost ALL their teeth to walk out of the office with fully functional, implant supported fixed bridges the same day. The time saving aspect of fabricating your teeth prior to the procedure allows you to eat a steak or salad that night! The procedure is done a minimally invasive manner, resulting in very little or no post operative pain, swelling or bruising. Low level laser therapy afterwards provides additional healing & comfort.

Before Dental Implant:

After Dental Implant:

Another Dental Implant Treatment:

Tooth Before Implant
Tooth Removed:
New Tooth Implant:
X-ray of Implant:

Dental Implants After a Motorcycle Accident:

X-ray Before Dental Implants:
Teeth After Implants:
X-ray of mouth After Implants:

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